Gayrettepe Real Estate

Gayrettepe Real Estate

Get support from a specialist in the search for real estate in Gayrettepe.

Discover the projects in Gayrettepe, which is located in the center of Istanbul, on the main artery and offers elite quality of life, with a Regional Specialist...

Gayrettepe Emlak

Why is it a Rare Living Space?

  • Located on the main artery on the European side of Istanbul
  • To be in the connection zone of the European side and the Anatolian side
  • Being within walking distance of metro, metrobus, bus, minibus
  • The presence of calmness, calmness at any time of the day
  • Green is accessible on every street (Dutluk Park, Gayrettepe Park, Gayrettepe Mukhtar Green Area, Environmental Culture Park, Poet Nedim Park)
  • The presence of a demographic structure at a high intellectual level
  • The presence of elite living areas in the immediate vicinity (Nişantaşı, Akatlar, Etiler, İstinye, Tarabya, Maslak, Levent, Balmumcu, Beşiktaş Çarşı)
  • The presence of the headquarters of the leading companies in Turkey
  • Gayrettepe has one of the most solid foundations against earthquakes in Istanbul.




Gayrettepe Real Estate


Gayrimenkul'ünüzün kiralama İşini Uzmanına Bırakın.

Leave the Rental Business
to the Expert.

I Rent
Gayrimenkul'ünüzün Satış İşini Uzmanına Bırakın.

Leave the Sales Job
to the Specialist.

I Sell
Accelerate the sale of your real estate

with the right marketing.

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Multi-Channel Sales Strategy

We are working together with many agencies and realtors in our region who provide services in accordance with ethical rules.

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One-to-One Presentation

We make one-on-one presentations to people who are on our buyers list and who we think will be interested in your property.

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Publishing Sponsored Ads

Gayrimenkulünüzün daha fazla kişiye ulaşması için Sahibinden, Hepsiemlak, Zingat, Emlakjet vb.. portalları kullanıyoruz.

Gayrettepe Real Estate
Gayrettepe Real Estate Gayrettepe Real Estate Iamge Iamge
Attractive income proposal

Let's rent out your apartment fully furnished.

Especially in the current inflationary environment, real estate rental prices are increasing, as is the price of everything. Compared to just a year ago, rental prices have increased by about 250%.

We recommend property owners to rent their apartments furnished in Besiktas Gayrettepe region, which is our area of expertise.

When rented out furnished, the property owner receives two benefits.Firstly, since the rental period is generally limited to 6 months-1 year in furnished rentals, it becomes possible to rent the apartment from the current rental price levels.

In addition, furnished apartment rental prices are 30-40% higher than unfurnished, so more attractive income opportunities can also be reached.

The critical point here is to find the right tenant profile. Because in furnished apartments, it is both easier for the tenant to leave the house and more likely to damage things.

However, it is extremely important that the marketing network is also comprehensive and dynamic in order to find the right tenant as soon as possible.

As a result, the importance of meticulous and careful work in furnished rental apartments is much greater.

How I Sell

Your Real Estate...

I aim to create value in the real estate sector and to be a field of attraction and I continue to work with all my energy and savings for this purpose.

We have aimed to provide you with a more professional service by limiting our field of expertise only to Gayrettepe .

Gayrettepe Emlak
Gayrettepe Real Estate
Curious About

Real Estate Consulting

Within the scope of the regulation published in the Official Gazette on October 14, 2020, our service commission rate is 4% + VAT in total, 2% from the buyer and 2% from the seller. (The real estate VAT Rate is 18%.)

We have direct access to your target audience who live in your region, who are thinking of buying or renting housing, through digital marketing and enable them to see your ad.

Yes It is only possible for us to provide you with a professional service with the authorization document we will receive from you. We need the authority you will give us to carry out our promotional activities related to your real estate in full and to carry out studies on the publication of your advertisement.

The authorization document to be issued for the sale or rental of your real estate covers a period of at least 90 days.

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